Jim’s Pest Control Ormeau are your local experts. Your pest technician is experienced, fully trained, insured, and equipped with up-to-date pest control technology. When you need help controlling and exterminating pests, simply call 131 546, and our friendly staff will arrange a time for your technician to talk with you.

With people of all ages, from kids to retirees calling Ormeau home, it’s important to keep your home and family safe from pests. Whether it’s spiders, possums, mice, termites, or other pests, you can prevent and control them quickly with the help of Jim’s Pest Control.

Why Jim’s Pest Control Ormeau?

Your local area has unique needs, and your local Mudgeeraba pest control technician has the training and knowledge to eradicate pests in your area. With the most advanced pest control techniques and equipment, your local technician will deal with pests promptly and effectively while providing you with fast and reliable service.

We know that for effective pest control, your technician needs a full understanding of your unique circumstances.

After making an appointment time that suits you, your technician will conduct a thorough inspection of your property. We can then provide you with a detailed report outlining the necessary work and an accurate quote for the treatment needed.

Termite treatment Ormeau

With termites causing millions of dollars of damage each year, they are a pest you need to be aware of. With the help of Jim’s Pest Control Ormeau, you can be confident that your property is safe from the costly threat of termites.

Ormeau termite inspection

Termites colonies can spend months or even years damaging your home without you knowing they are there, so it’s essential to have your property thoroughly inspected every 12 months. Your local Ormeau pest control technician is highly skilled at detecting termites and will inspect your home with advanced tools to locate any termites, termite damage, or future problem areas.

Ormeau termite control

It can be tempting to DIY your termite control with Bunnings termite treatment, but these are rarely successful and may end up actually costing you more.

When hiring Pest Control Ormeau, your home’s termite treatment will be scientifically backed, suitable for your unique property environmentally friendly, and won’t disrupt your day. With a range of treatment options, including termite barriers, bait stations, and more, you can rid your home of termites before damage is done.

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