Jim’s are your local pest control Robina experts. We are fully trained, highly experienced, and insured to treat pests on your property. Your local technician is backed by the trusted Jim’s name and is ready to help when you need pest control. Simply call 131 546, and our friendly team will arrange for your technician to contact you.

Robina has been called a “place for everyone”, with its high-quality schools, shops, and proximity to the Gold Coast. It’s not just people that love Robina though! Pests of all kinds are attracted to the climate and bustle of the area, with termites, rats, mice, spiders, and more making their appearance in Robina properties. Luckily, Jim’s is always ready to help.

Why choose Jim’s Pest Control Robina?

Jim’s are a trusted name Australia-wide, with over 50 divisions around the country. Even though we are a national brand, our technicians all reside in and around the areas they service, so you will get expert, local pest control knowledge in your area.

Your technician is highly skilled and utilises up-to-date and advanced pest control techniques – this means you can trust us to keep you and your family safe while providing a fast and effective service. With our Jim’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can be sure that your pest problem will be safely taken care of.

To make sure of the best outcome, we like to get a full understanding of your pest situation. After you make an appointment with our team, a technician from Jim’s Pest Control Robina will inspect your property free of charge. You will then receive a detailed report outlining the suggested work and an accurate quote for any treatment needed.

Termite treatment Robina

Did you know that Australia has some of the most destructive termites in the world? These tiny pests cause millions of damage to properties every year and have been known to destroy many a home. so it’s important to keep your property and family protected from these dangerous critters. Although the cost of termite treatment may seem daunting, it is tiny compared to the cost of an untreated infestation.

Robina termite inspection

You need a trained eye to spot the signs of termite infestation and damage. When you hire a Jim’s technician, you can rest easy knowing that no pests are hiding in your walls or property.

Our termite inspections are carried out with up-to-date technology, including:

  • Sounding
  • Moisture detection
  • Borescopes
  • Thermal imaging

After the thorough inspection, will receive a detailed report outlining any sign of termites and advice on next steps.

Robina termite treatment

Don’t fall for the trap of a cheaper Bunnings termite treatment! We often see the resulting destruction in properties when these DIY treatments unknowingly fail, costing homeowners thousands more in extermination and repairs.

Termite treatments should be started swiftly but with care. Your local technician will offer a range of treatment options that are scientifically-backed, safe, and environmentally friendly. Every home is different so we have a solution for your specific situation, including termite barriers, bait stations, and more.

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