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Since our establishment over 10 years ago, we have created a vast network of knowledgeable pest technicians nationwide. Today, Jim’s termite and pest control are synonymous with the promise of friendly, expert pest control on the Gold Coast. As the second-largest pest control organisation in Australia, we’re trusted by thousands of customers to keep their homes safe.

We are experienced at controlling a wide array of pests and offer professional end of lease pest control.  Your local technician is fully trained, insured, and will carry out these services quickly and efficiently.

Pest control Gold Coast services list

All kinds of pests are common in properties on the Gold Coast. Whether it’s ants, rodents, possums, spiders, termites, or other creepy crawlies, prevention is always the best approach. By choosing prevention first, you can stop infestations before they start while saving money and avoiding excess uses of chemicals.

One of the best preventative measures is too manage pests with a pest control spray. We suggest a general spray as it kills any creatures hiding in the home while protecting you against future invasions.

To ensure maximum efficiency from general pest sprays, we suggest they be administered every six months, particularly in spring. Due to the Gold Coast’s tendency warm weather, we advise a spring spray before summer’s maximum temperatures, when pests become more prevalent.

For general pest sprays, Jim’s Pest & Termite Control Gold Coast uses a non-toxic spray. Once dry, the spray is safe for children and pets because protecting your home shouldn’t come at the cost of your family and the environment’s safety.

Pest Control Gold Coast

End of lease pest control

End of lease pest control responsibilities can vary depending on your tenancy agreement. But it’s becoming more common for tenants to manage general pests and fleas in their home, ensuring that the property is free of any pests at the end of their lease.

With over 60% of households in Australia having a pet, many tenancy agreements now require tenants to show proof of flea treatment when leaving rental properties. Flea eggs can lay dormant for long periods, only to hatch and cause havoc for the next tenant, leading to reductions in your bond or even heading to the tribunal.

So even if you have not spotted any fleas, it is an excellent idea to have a professional like Jim’s, conduct an end of lease pest control program. Your local technician is fully screened, licensed, trained, and has the suitable insurance to carry out your end of lease pest control.

During an end of lease service, we carry out a thorough inspection and follow up with a control measure such as gel, dust, surface spray, or insect growth regulator. Your local technician can also provide you with evidence to present to your landlord or real estate to prove service.

Pests on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast has unique pest control needs, with all different kinds of creatures finding their way into homes and businesses in the area. Your local technician is skilled at identifying and controlling a wide variety of pests, including the following.

Ant Control


Ants may seem like benign bugs, but they can cause problems once they nest on your property. In warm and dry conditions, ants will seek ways into your home to find water, food, and shelter. Once inside, they can contaminate food, damage electrical wiring, and pose health risks.

Your local technician uses a tried and trusted inspection method, baiting, and spraying to control ants effectively.

Flea control

Bed Bugs

Next to termites, bed bugs are one of the most concerning pests for homeowners and tenants. These pests are hard to see but can cause discomforting bites, even welts and severe allergic reactions.

Despite the name, bed bugs aren’t just found in beds. They can be transported into the home on furniture, bedding, clothing, and suitcases. Once they’ve taken up residence inside, they are notoriously difficult to eradicate without professional help.

DIY bed bug treatments often miss those hiding in the tiny nooks and crannies of mattresses and other furniture and don’t always kill all eggs. With one female bed bug laying up to 3500 eggs in her lifetime, and these eggs able to stay dormant for long periods, it’s essential to have a professional pest controller assess the situation if you suspect an infestation.

At Jim’s, we can find these tiny bugs with professional inspection methods. Then we can treat and prevent them from returning.

Bee Removal and Control


We know that bees are essential to the environment; that’s why we will try to remove and relocate beehives whenever possible. Unfortunately, not all bees can be saved, and sometimes termination is necessary.

Bees are usually peaceful creatures, but sometimes they build hives in areas that may pose a risk to your safety in wall cavities, beneath floors, and in roof voids. When disturbed, bees may sting, and if they swarm, they are a considerable risk to you. It’s essential to call a professional technician when you have a bee problem.

Your local Jim’s technician will be able to determine if a hive can be safely removed and relocated or if the colony needs to be exterminated.

Cockroach Control


Cockroaches prefer dark and dusty areas, so when you spot one out in the open, it’s often a sign of a more extensive infestation. These pests multiple fast, spread diseases and contaminate food, so it’s essential to take care of them quickly.

Jim’s cockroach control program uses a combination of methods to effectively eradicate and prevent these pests, including thorough inspections, baiting, dusting, and surface spray.

Flea Treatment


Fleas love the warm climate of the Gold Coast. In higher temperatures, they multiply quickly and can fast become a problem for both you and your pets.

Most pet owners treat their pets for fleas, which is a good start at preventing these pests from entering your home. But once fleas are inside and laying their eggs, they can be tough to remove.

Your local technician will use various proven methods to eradicate and prevent fleas both inside and outside your home, including inspections, dusting, and safe pesticides. We recommend using an insect growth regulator (IGR) to enhance our other treatment methods, as they are effective and safe.

Rodent Control

Rats and mice

Rats and mice are masters at finding entryways into homes. Once inside, these tiny creatures can cause huge amounts of damage. They may spread disease, cause other health problems, and structural damage by chewing through walls, floors, insulation and cabling.

Jim’s are experts in assessing homes for trouble spots and can help you effectively prevent rats and mice from entering your home. We conduct a thorough inspection and create a unique plan for your rodent control using baits, traits, and/or tracking powder.

Mosquito Control


Mosquitos are common in the temperate Gold Coast climate, in fact, over 40 different species have been found in the Gold Coast area. While they can be annoying, they also pose a larger health risk. They spread disease by biting an infected creature and passing it onto the next person they bite.

We offer a range of environmentally-friendly options to control mosquitos, so you can get back into the outdoors.

Spider Control


Australia is known for its dangerous spiders, and the Gold Coast is no exception. Although not all spiders are deadly, those that are dangerous pose a significant risk, particularly for children and pets. While those that aren’t dangerous can still be frustrating to have in the home, leaving sticky webs and dead insects, which may pose problems and indicate other pest issues.

For help with spider prevention and eradication, your local technician can thoroughly inspect your home, identify any problems, and offer a suitable treatment plan.

Possum Removal


Possums might be cute, but they are also loud and incredibly intrusive. Once inside your home, they may damage insulation and cabling while keeping you up at night with their loud noise.

Once these animals have found a home they like, they will usually remain near the area, so it’s essential to get professional advice on possum removal.

At Jim’s, we remove possums in effective and humane ways. We will inspect your home for entry points to prevent possums from coming back, repair them for you, and then release the possum. You’ll be sleeping soundly in no time.

Wasp Nest Removal and Control


Unlike bees, wasps can sting multiple times without perishing. For those with allergies, they can be life-threatening. While seeing one can be scary, and you may be tempted to kill it immediately, please don’t. Dealing with wasps yourself can be dangerous, as you may suddenly be surrounded by a swarm of angry wasps, putting you at significant risk.

If you spot any wasps or evidence of their nests, call your local technician on 131 546 for advice. We will inspect your property, determine if the nests can be safely removed, and if not, apply treatment to eliminate these pests effectively and quickly.

Silverfish Control


Like many other pests, silverfish thrive on warmth and humidity. They are destructive little insects and can quickly ruin wallpapers, photo albums, books, and clothing.

At Jim’s, we offer thorough inspections and personalised treatment options to control silverfish and prevent them from returning.

Short pest control FAQs

How much does it cost to have your house sprayed for roaches?

A roach spray will cost from $180. And while for a pest exterminator to spray your home for cockroaches can cost as little as $180, a larger infestation can cost more due to more time and more treatment requirements.

Are pest control services worth the money?

The short answer is yes, absolutely, pest control services are worth the money. Store brought products will often not meet expectations, and you'll have to call a professional exterminator in anyway.

Is monthly pest control necessary?

Generally no, monthly pest control is not necessary, as long as an effective pest control treatment has been provided. Exceptions to this would be cockroach infestations, bedbugs, or a commercial food outlet such as a restaurant or cafe.

Can I spray for termites myself?

It is not recommended that you spray termites yourself. There are many different Australian termites, and each usually requires a different treatment approach. To be clear, DIY termite treatment is definitely not recommended.

How much does a professional flea treatment cost?

A pest control flea treatment cost starts at $180, but this would be for a single treatment with no warranty. Pest control warranties for fleas kick in after two treatments.

Who pays for pest control in a rental property?

If you are vacating your rental property, you, the tenant, will pay for your own pest control. This is called moving out pest control" or "end of lease pest control". However, if you move in and you find pests within the first few weeks, the chances are that your landlord will pay for treatment(s). If you bring the pest with you, eg with your pets, then the expense for treatment would be yours.

How long do fleas take to die after fumigation?

Usually fleas take a few hours to die after fumigation once they contact a fumigated surface. However you may see live fleas after the week after fumigation due to flea eggs hatching having been laid in cracks and crevices in your home.