Jim’s are the Gold Coast termite inspection experts. The GC is a dream location for many homeowners, but did you know it’s also a prime location for termites?

Thanks to the temperate weather, proximity to the beach, and nearby gumtrees, termites are prone to infesting homes on the Gold Coast. In 2020, industry surveys indicated that one in three homes in the region will be attacked by termites.

To find, control, and exterminate these pests, you need the help of a professional. Your local Jim’s technician is insured, fully trained, and experienced at controlling termites and other pests.

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Why do you need a Gold Coast termite inspection?

Australian Standards and Choice recommend that all homes are inspected for termites at least once a year, including new homes.

The reason your home should be inspected each year is due to termites’ fast and sneaky behaviour. They are tiny pests that can cause massive amounts of damage in a short time. And unfortunately, when professional inspections are not conducted, these pests may not be detected until thousands of dollars in damage is already done.

Termite Inspection

What types of termites live in Gold Coast homes?

The Gold Coast is home to two broad species of termites: the subterranean and drywood termite.

Many people expect termites to be found living in their house’s wooden walls, putting them at risk for a subterranean termite infestation. Unlike drywood termites, subterranean termites live and travel underground, only coming into your home to feast.

Your local technician is highly knowledgeable and experienced at detecting all termites in and around your property. We use proven methods, modern technology and use our knowledge of termite biology to conduct inspections thoroughly and efficiently.

What happens at a termite inspection?

We don’t just inspect your walls. To make sure your inspection is thorough and to keep you safe, your technician will check:

  • The interior of your home, including doorframes, skirting boards, cupboards, floors, walls, and ceilings
  • The roof void where possible
  • The subfloor, if one exists in the home because it is the most likely place for termites to begin their destruction
  • The exterior of the home
  • Any outbuildings present
  • The grounds, including landscaping timber, garden beds, trees, stumps, and fences

To ensure that nothing on your property is missed, we use the latest inspection equipment and methods, including:

  • Sounding
  • Listening equipment
  • Moisture metres
  • Borescopes
  • Termatrac T3i
  • Thermal imaging
Termite Inspection

Why choose Jim’s Pest Control Gold Coast?

With Jim’s, you get a licensed and experienced pest control technician who knows your area. Your local technician has access to highly advanced pest control techniques and equipment to provide you with effective and friendly service.

When you choose Jim’s Pest Control Gold Coast for your termite inspection, you will receive the a detailed report with essential information. Your report includes:

  • Current termite activity
  • Evidence of prior termite damage
  • Environmental factors that may increase the likelihood of future termite attacks
  • Evidence of a current termite protection system
  • Advice on how to mitigate future termite attacks
  • Future inspection frequency
  • Termite protection program suggestions
  • And more

We will help you stay ahead of termites in your home and keep you, your family, and your beautiful local environment safe.

For Gold Coast termite inspection, contact Jim’s Pest Control today